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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

How Public Schools Are Recruiting A Marxist Student Army

By Carole Hornsby Haynes March 15, 2021  

Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse in public education, another progressive tactic is spreading like wildfire. Now we have “Action Civics,” disguised as American civics, that is using the public classroom for community organizing and recruiting a Marxist student army.  

Illinois recently passed a law that, to get and keep a teaching license, all K-12 teachers are forced to indoctrinate their students in Critical Race Theory. That is going nationwide under the guise of “civics”.  

Teachers are required to support and teach progressive viewpoints and perspectives including all the lies about race and sex and active discrimination against white heterosexual Christians.  

In a nutshell, teachers will have to 

  • force students to accept lies as truth without questioning

  • recognize how their own and their students’ identity (sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic class, race/ethnicity, national origin, and language, etc.) affects their perspective.

  • believe and teach cultural Marxist identity politics

  • teach that the U.S. is systemically racist

  • teach that America’s system of inequity negatively impacts colored students.

  • teach Cultural Marxist activism

  • substitute social justice work or action civics projects for more traditional forms of testing. Conservatives get an F but wokes fly high with A’s  

Illinois’s state board of education and legislature no longer cares whether teachers know anything about their subject matter. The only requirement for getting and keeping a license is being a devoted Marxist.  

Teacher colleges are already almost entirely left wing. Now they will move even further left with this new curriculum. There will be courses for every area of professional education licenses -- teaching, school support personnel and administrative. Some private schools in Illinois also require their teachers to have licenses. So not even private schools in Illinois can escape this radical left curriculum since some require teacher licenses.  

There will be professional development programs for ongoing Marxist indoctrination of educators.  

The state standards of “action civics” is really about social progressive teaching and recruiting a Marxist student army. This is Mao style education.  

These dangerous lunatics have been plotting for years to overthrow America and force you into a life of poverty – back to serfdom. The long term goal of Chicago progressive educators was to get discussion and activism of controversial issues built into teacher licensing and certification requirements.  

Step one: pressure teachers to discuss controversial social and political issues. Students would be required to partner with local left wing community organizations. You may recall from tea party meetings that Chicago is the home of Saul Alinskyite community organizing and that Hillary Clinton was a student.  

Step two: get community organizing incorporated into Chicago Public Schools. This is a familiar tactic of dictators who go after the young children to warp their minds early. Remember Hitler’s Brown Shirts? The youth were insanely and stupidly devoted to “Heil Hitler.” They thought only Nazi approved thoughts. They were trained to snitch on anyone including family and friends who dared to oppose Nazism or the murderous Führer.  

Step 3: radical Chicago educators would pressure the Illinois legislature to push this curriculum onto the state.  

Step four: In 2015 a civics bill was passed, forcing local districts to discuss current political controversies and have students do service learning with local community organizations.  

Step five: Schools were allowed to use private funding to create their curricula. The far left Robert R. McCormick Foundation funds curricular materials and teacher training seminar. McCormick has used his wealth to take de facto control of the Illinois civics curriculum in the same way the Gates Foundation took de facto control of reading and math through Common Core.  

The 2021 Illinois bill -- “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards” -- goes well behind the 2015 bill. It’s Marxist activism in schools on steroids.  

This “action civics” coalition is using Illinois as a prototype of what American civics is going to be when it gets to your state and local schools. They will tread carefully in red states but they intend to push this Illinois model into every state, using the Biden administration as its ally.


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